Alessandro Troisi is a nature and visual artists living in Rome. He is active in WWF in Italy, specialising in the protection and artistic documentation of the osprey. Allessandro is also a member in the naturalistic art Ars&Natura project. Ars&Natura compiled the book Kuusamon taika on the nature of Kuusamo in 2017, inspired by the work of Hannu Hautala and the nature of Kuusamo. Alessandro is also the other publisher of Pandion Edizone who published the book. Pandion has also published the travel book of the young ornithologist Francesco Barberini ”Kuusamo Travel Book” and Fabrizio Carbone’s ”I diari di Tolva”.

Troisi was Kuusamo ARK’s resident artist in September and he attended Kuusamo Nature Photo, where he held an open talk on his work and a lecture on his working methods.