Call for residency visits now open at Kuusamo Arctic Residence Centre. 1-3 months residency periods available through a continuous open call. The applications should be submitted two months prior to the intended visit. We strive to process all applications within two weeks after submission. We adhere to the current Finnish guidelines concerning the pandemic.

The Arctic Residence Centre at Kuusamo College offers professional artists, researchers and nature photographers possibilities to work in a versatile environment in the northern nature city of Kuusamo.

Kuusamo College was founded in a 1909, offering educational and accommodation services all year round for all age groups.

We can accommodate around a hundred people. Our residency guests are accommodated in Arvola, the former living quarters of the principal, in single rooms with common kitchens and lounges. The monthly rent is 300 euros/month. Weekly cleaning, internet and the use of work spaces are included.

Materials and personal expenses are not included. The college has its own canteen, offering daily meals, our residency guests can purchase inexpensive lunch coupons.

After the completed the residency period we wish that the residency guests would present the projects they have working on. A presentation of each residency guest is published on our information channels.

Fill in your application here. Late applications are not processed. The selections are made by our expert panel. Artistic/scientific motivations, the quality of the work plan and suitability for our residency are stressed.

Further information: