Kuusamo ARK develops collaboration models particularly between the sectors of tourism, art and culture.



Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu ry


Kuusamon kaupunki


Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival


The Arctic Residency Centre co-operates closely with the tourism operators. The aim is to get more public art into the area and support professionals within the creative field.

Kuusamo Arctic Residence Centre is embedded in a co-operative network of the Koillismaa region, including public and private service providers, cultural establishments, businesses and enterprises. Close partnerships are established with Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association, the network for the tourism enterpreneurs and nature services of Finland’s Metsähallitus, who governs the national parks and nature reserves and thirdly, local village associations, through which we can extend the activities into networks and premises already in existence.

The strength and focus of Kuusamo ARK is in nature and environmental skills linked with co-operating with universities. The Kuusamo residence functions as a service provider and acquinted with the purchaser-provider-artist mode in the Northern AiR residence network.

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