Kuusamo Arctic Residence Centre is in north-eastern Finland, where the summers are internse and the winters are snowy. Surrounded by five national parks, the natural surroundings offer unique working conditions throughout the year.

Professionals in various arts, researchers and nature photographers are welcome to apply. Individuals, work pairs and groups can submit applications through the open calls. Our selection panel also invites curated residency artists and researchers separately. These invitational visits can not be applied to.

Furthermore, there will be additional theme-specific open calls in connection with certain themes and events. These can e.g. be piloted projects in co-operation with the tourism sector, seminars and events with separate compensations to the artists.

Individual Residencies

Merited and up-and-coming artists, researchers and nature photographers from all parts of the world are welcome to apply. Besides looking at the merits and work plans, the selections are targeted towards projects with connections to nature and novel approaches to each theme.  

Group Residencies

The contact person for the work group submits the application and attaches the CVs of the other members, in addition to the work plan. We encourage multi-artistic projects and initiatives that combine arts and science.